Interior Ballistic of Amphibious Rifle when Firing under Water


  • Pavel Konečný University of Defence
  • Doan Van Dao Le Qui Don Technical University, Ha Noi
  • Hung Van Nguyen Le Qui Don Technical University, Ha Noi
  • Ban Huu Le University of Defence


The paper deals with an adaptation of the satndard interior ballistics model for the case of amphibious rifle firing ammunition under water. Besides, influences of the powder mass, barrel length and material of the underwater projectile on the underwater interior ballistic processes are studied. The presented mathematical model is validated and experimentally verified for the 5.56 mm underwater projectile fired from the 5.56 mm amphibious rifle. The results of this research can be applied for the design of the underwater ammunition, underwater rifle and amphibious rifle.

Author Biographies

Pavel Konečný, University of Defence

Department of weapons and ammunition, professor

Doan Van Dao, Le Qui Don Technical University, Ha Noi

Department of Weapons, docent

Hung Van Nguyen, Le Qui Don Technical University, Ha Noi

Department of Weapons, Engineer

Ban Huu Le, University of Defence

Department of Weapons and Ammunition, Engineer


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Konečný, P., Dao, D. V., Nguyen, H. V., & Le, B. H. (2020). Interior Ballistic of Amphibious Rifle when Firing under Water. Advances in Military Technology, 15(1). Retrieved from



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