Prediction of the Air Gun Performance


  • Vladimír Horák University of Defence
  • Linh Do Duc University of Defence
  • Roman Vítek University of Defence
  • Stanislav Beer University of Defence
  • Quang Huy Mai Military Technical Academy, Hanoi


The article is focussed on the quasi-dynamic analysis of the air gun performance. The object of modelling is a comprehensive description of the thermodynamic processes taking place in different parts and working chambers of an air gun. Individual equations of the mathematical description are applications of the first law of thermodynamics, which is complemented by the state behaviour and the principles of air flow, including the critical flow. The boundary conditions of the solution of these equations are given by the design dimensions and weights of the gun moving components. The problem is solved using the MATLAB environment. The result of the solution represents the determination of the time courses of pressure in the different working chambers, including the power gas fluid forces acting on the gun moving components and the pellet. Results of the solution are compared with the measured pressure time dependence in the given working chamber and the pellet muzzle velocity of the paintball gun DYE, Proto Rail 2011.

Author Biographies

Vladimír Horák, University of Defence

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Linh Do Duc, University of Defence

Student of Faculty of Military Technology

Roman Vítek, University of Defence

Department of Weapons and Ammunition

Stanislav Beer, University of Defence

Department of Weapons and Ammunition

Quang Huy Mai, Military Technical Academy, Hanoi

Department of Weapons and Ammunition


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