AiMT Volume 14 (2019), Issue 1

Ejection Causes in Military Jet Aircraft in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic

O. Zavila and R. Chmelík

The article deals with the causes of ejections of crew members in military jet fighter, fighter-trainer and trainer aircraft in the service of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic from 1948 until the end of 2016. It presents a list of ejection causes by aircraft types on a timeline as well as historical and technical contexts, facts and development trends of these causes. Importantly, the role of the human factor in the causes of fire and false fire alarm emergency occurrences is also analyzed. The study is accompanied by a unique overview of reference and still accessible information sources on the subject.

Keywords: Army of the Czech Republic, ejection, aviation accident, human factor, jet aircraft, cause, statistics.

Pages: 5–20  [References]   [Download Citation]

Computationally Fast Dynamical Model of a SATCOM Antenna Suitable for Extensive Optimization Tasks

J. Najman, M. Bastl, M. Appel and R. Grepl

Development of new SATCOM (Satellite Communications) antennas and their control systems is a complex problem, in which strict requirements for mechanical design, drives, sensors and the overall speed and accuracy of the control algorithm must be met. Therefore, a simulation model is often used at different stages of development, which greatly accelerates the process of designing and optimizing the whole system. The computationally most demanding part of the simulation is the dynamical model of antenna. This article proposes an alternative approach for dynamical model creation, and the results are compared to a model created by using a universal multibody simulation environment. It is shown that the proposed new approach gives nearly the same-quality results and it is several times computationally faster.

Keywords: mobile SATCOM, antenna pointing, dynamical model, simulation, MATLAB, Simulink.

Pages: 21–32  [References]   [Download Citation]